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Coredination, A Movement Studio

Home of the Bonedale Ballet

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Please contact us with any questions. We would love to talk to you about the unique programs we offer at Coredination, including Bonedale Ballet!

455 S. 3rd Street
Carbondale, CO 81623

(970) 379-2187

Mindfully crafted core movement

Home of the Bonedale Ballet


Pilates is the coordination of the mind, body and spirit, created by German-born Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century.

               Cat Back on the Low Chair    Scroll down page for our weekly classes.

               Cat Back on the Low Chair

Scroll down page for our weekly classes.

 Regarded as a unique system of movement, Pilates coordinates the use of the abdominals, pelvic floor and breath in supporting spine mobility, thereby rejuvenating the circulatory system and organizing the body into a uniformly developed system. Increased muscle tone, body awareness, balance, strength, joint motion, increased lung capacity and flexibility are just a few of the numerous benefits in practicing Pilates. 

Pilates and Healing

Corrects body alignment issues by restoring physical balance, mobility, symmetry and strength while decreasing joint and back pain. A healthy spine supports a healthy mind. “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness." — Joe Pilates


Pilates Apparatus: Reformer/ Low Chair /Cadillac

Intended for all levels, Pilates equipment training is a powerful, effective way to develop strength, power of the breath, flexibility, balance and coordination. As an extension of the Matwork, the Reformer, Low Chair and Cadillac/Pole system offer spring assistance for muscle length and balance, support and feedback, therefore increasing range of motion without taxing the body for greater efficiency of movement. 

Pilates Mat Classes

Mat classes are available for all fitness levels. They are based on the application of Pilates fundamentals and concepts, such as breathing, centering, awareness, precision and control, performing traditional mat exercises to condition and tone the body in controlled motion while breathing.

Mermaid on the Mat

Mermaid on the Mat


Class Schedule

( Pilates: Group, Private & Semiprivate lessons)

Tuesday  12-1 pm Intermediate Pilates Mat

Thursday 12-1pm  Pilates Mat & Stretch


Monday- Friday: Private and Semiprivate pilates classes on the Reformer, Cadillac and Low Chair are offered by appointment only.



Shoulder Bridge on the Cadillac

Shoulder Bridge on the Cadillac

Pull Straps on the Reformer

Pull Straps on the Reformer


Pilates Mat Group Classes ( 4pple +)

Single 1 Session $20

Punch Pass 5 Sessions $85

Punch Pass 10 Sessions $150


Pilates Apparatus Instruction (Reformer, Chair & Cadillac)


1 Session $75

Private/Punch Pass

5 Sessions $350

10 Sessions $650


Duet (2 people)  

1 Session $42.50 each

Duet/Punch Pass  5 Sessions $200

10 Sessions $375


Trio (3 people)

1 Session $35 each

Trio/Punch Pass

5 Sessions $165

10 Sessions $300


Private & Semiprivate Matwork

1 Session $65

Private/Punch Pass

5 Sessions $300

10 Sessions $550


Duet (2 people)

1 Session $35 each

Duet/Punch Pass

5 Sessions $162.50

10 Sessions $300


Trio (3 people)

1 Session $30 each

5 Sessions $137.50

10 Sessions $250

*Ask us about family discounts!




Pilates Apparatus Classes- private & semiprivate lessons on the Reformer, Low Chair, & Cadillac are by appointment only, Monday- Friday. Call (970) 379-2187 to schedule your session(s).

Please take note of our: 24 Hour Cancellation Policy for Coredination classes, call (970) 379-2187.

* Cash or Check payments only.

* Punch Pass expiration: 5 sessions- 2 months, 10 sessions-3 months from purchase date.

*No refunds given on unused punch passes, thank you.


Our New Location: 1101 Village Road, Units 5D & 6D in Carbondale, Co. 81623. We are located between the SAW gallery and Giannetti Park.


"The Pilates mat classes at Coredination Studio are an essential part of my fitness routine. The classes are simultaneously gentle and demanding...allowing you to expand and improve, no matter your level."  "I have taken Pilates at Coredination studio for a number of years.  I keep coming back due to the insight I received from Alexandra on body movement and alignment.  It has become an essential part of my health routine; helping me keep back pain at bay, keep a balanced body, and provide a great basis of core strength for other physical activities."— Angela Loughry
As an older woman, I would get up with aches and pains and had to take advil.  After a few years of pilates, I no longer have to take any advil. My muscles and total body have become so much healthier and toned.  Everybody my age should be working out with pilates.  The results are dynamite.  DeeDee O’Brien
"At Coredination, Alexandra offers extensive knowledge, skill and, most importantly, an intuitive understanding of the abilities and limitations of each client's body."-- Sharon Pope

The Pilates mat class with Alexandra is an event for us… Arriving, my brain is, like, "oh nooooo… again????" And my body is, like, "yay yay yay yay"…. Leaving, my brain is, like, "well, that wasn't so bad"… and my body is, like, "phew, that was good, and glad it's over!"  Some people's children! Thanks to Alexandra's skill as a teacher and an athlete, she knows how to keep us all happy.  __Sue Drinker