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Coredination, A Movement Studio

Home of the Bonedale Ballet

1101 Village Road

Carbondale, CO 81623

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Please contact us with any questions. We would love to talk to you about the unique programs we offer at Coredination, including Bonedale Ballet!

455 S. 3rd Street
Carbondale, CO 81623

(970) 379-2187

Mindfully crafted core movement

Home of the Bonedale Ballet


As a vehicle to connect with the breath, yoga postures promote relaxation in the body, composure of the mind, and peace in the spirit.

Scroll down page for our yoga classes.

Scroll down page for our yoga classes.

What is Yoga?

As a vehicle to connect with the breath, yoga postures promote relaxation in the body, composure of the mind, and peace in the spirit. Our yoga classes emphasize the integration of alignment, transitions, balance, core strength and fluidity, promoting wellbeing and optimum functioning of the body. 

Movement designed to heat the body while taking time to slow down and rejuvenate are components to every class. Open and stretch beyond where you are. Have fun with yoga and cultivate a practice that helps you relax on and off the mat.


                  “Yoga with a Dash of Pilates"

This unique class integrates Pilates concepts into your yoga practice for greater body awareness and control. Integrate and coordinate the activation of your core muscles, breath, and the understanding of body alignment and its relationship to space into rejuvenating and healing poses that yoga offers...for ultimate balance and presence.



Yoga Testimonials



I am so thankful that I can have my Yoga each week with Anthony at Coredination & Bonedale Ballet.  My life is positive because of his knowledge and patience.

— Nancy Boyer

"Anthony's classes are relaxed and innovative, creating an atmosphere in which a beginner feels inspired while an advanced student feels empowered to reach beyond his/her comfort zone."
— Caitlin

"I love Anthony's classes, and I have recommended him to friends who now attend his classes regularly and LOVE it. His class acts as a fresh breath of air."
— Merrill

*Private and Semiprivate yoga lessons are available by appointment, Monday- Friday.





Group Classes ( 4pple +)

Single 1 Session $20

Punch Pass 5 Sessions $85

Punch Pass 10 Sessions $150




1 Session $65 

Private/Punch Pass

5 Sessions $300

 10 Sessions $550


Duet (2 people)

1 Session $35 each

Duet/Punch Pass

5 Sessions $162.50

10 Sessions $300


Trio (3 people)

1 Session $30 each

5 Sessions $137.50

10 Sessions $250

* Ask us about family discounts!

Please take note of our: 24 Hour Cancellation Policy for Coredination classes, call (970) 379-2187.

* Cash or Check payments only.

* Punch Pass expiration: 5 sessions- 2 months, 10 sessions-3 months from purchase date.

*No refunds given on unused punch passes, thank you.

Our New Location: 1101 Village Road, Units 5D & 6D Carbondale, Co. 81623. We are located between the SAW Gallery and the Giannetti Park.